Five essentials every wedding stationer needs

Everyone likes to fit in (deny it all you want, we’ve read your diary), and here at, we like to help our customers wherever we can. In the interest of helping you guys climb the social and professional ladder; we’ve put together a guide to help you infiltrate your chosen crowd and to get the job done once you’ve made it.

Disclaimer: if you’re horribly offended by generalised social and professional stereotypes, look away now!

The wedding stationer

Imagine a feminine, slightly more stressed out version of the designer, and you’ve got yourself a wedding stationer. They make a living bringing bridal dreams to life, so it’s not all bad.

1)     Pinterest account

Where else is the inspiration going to come from? You best get yourself signed up and create as many boards as you can, like, now. This is a great tool for getting in with the stationer crowd online; perfect for those wannabes that haven’t quite nailed the look yet.


2)     Hand finishing accessories

Pearls, diamantes, buttons, baker’s twine, feathers, lace, ribbon; you name it, you’ll need it. We recommend packing a folder full of the stuff…you’ll never know what an occasion might call for. Igniting the imagination of a bride to be can be tough and you’ll want to be prepared. If you’re serious about becoming a wedding stationer, you’ll probably need a whole room for this. At least.


3)     Printed samples

You’ll need loads of these. So many, that they spill out of your pockets and bag as you walk down the street. Like we said, inspiring brides often needs something more visual than you making obscure gestures with your hands in an effort to describe a colour palette.


4)     Herbal tea

Just finished the third version of that save the date? Is it anything like what they said they wanted? We thought not. Time to crack open the herbal tea stash and treat yourself to a soothing brew before you head back out into the melee. Also, it looks cool and new age—very important for this division of the design crowd.


5)     Bridezilla detector

Unfortunately they don’t sell these in Currys or Maplin, but you should hopefully develop one over time. The ability to detect and diffuse a bridezilla in action is an impressive trait harboured only by those in the wedding industry. We’d also recommend honing your mother-in-law dampening device.

That concludes the second instalment of our ultimate guide –if you have any questions, leave them in the box below and our creative profiling experts will get back to you in due course.



jill cham
18 Jul 2014 10:51
how about a unique style that can stand out from the market ?!
24 Jul 2014 08:05
Herbal tea all the way! You should see my stash - it's something to be proud of!

I am yet to perfect my bridezilla detector but its all part of the job! :)
Alex Wilkie
30 Jul 2014 12:06
pinterest is a brilliant idea
05 Nov 2015 19:37
Love the Bridezilla Detector LOL!

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