Five essentials every graphic designer needs

Everyone likes to fit in (deny it all you want, we’ve read your diary), and here at, we like to help our customers wherever we can. In the interest of helping you guys climb the social and professional ladder; we’ve put together a guide to help you infiltrate your chosen crowd and to get the job done once you’ve made it.

*Disclaimer: if you’re horribly offended by generalised social and professional stereotypes, look away now!


The designer

Uncommonly trendy, super intellectual and too cool for design school. Here’s what you’ll need to blend in with the design world elite…


1)     Thick rimmed glasses

These can range from the horn-rimmed tortoiseshell variety to the unusual and ironic. As long as they’re thick and nerdy, get them on your face pronto! If you don’t actually need to wear glasses, we recommend poking the lenses out of a pair of free 3D specs from your local cinema.

2)     Moleskine notebook

You’ll need this for impromptu doodling and sketching on lunch breaks, on the tube/bus and in your local coffee shop. No stickers allowed, guys. This is serious.


3)     Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine

You can carry a mug around the office with you, but if we’re honest, mugs are lame. The look isn’t really complete until your beverage is in a brand name paper cup from a high-brow but totally indie coffee shop. The bigger the better—how else are you going to smash those deadlines at 3am?


4)     Apple tech

Yes, other design tech exists, but is there really anything like Apple? A designer’s best friend and stylish as heck, Apple’s ethos seems to embody everything modern designers stand for.  No dabblers allowed here, if you’re going to do this right you’ll need to get the phone, the laptop, the music device, the desktop machine and various chargers scattered about for easy access.


5)     Oversized headphones

How will people know you’re listening to music unless they can see it from all the way down the street? Big headphones are an absolute must here; you’ll come to rely on playlists for design inspiration and the fact you can’t hear anyone else is an added bonus. Your ‘look at me’ factor will be through the roof.


That concludes the first instalment of our ultimate guide–if you have any questions, leave them in the box below and our creative profiling experts will get back to you in due course.



Alex Wilkie
10 Jul 2014 12:11
terrific advice
David Brookes
10 Jul 2014 16:41
Ha ha this is so runny. I also have all of the above :-)
Karla Hall
14 Jul 2014 10:10
Some fantastic tips. Thanks for your advice.
Tina Mammoser
15 Jul 2014 14:16
haha! I have most of these but in the 'budget' real-designer way. Cheap version of Moleskine, my own 'take away' coffee mug for coffee from home on the go, and...oh... yes, gotta be Apple! No compromising there.
jill cham
18 Jul 2014 10:51
haha i've got 4, but not the headphone .
19 Jul 2014 12:46
Haha, I do feel very designer-y when I whip my moleskine notebook out on the tube!
Stuart Glegg
20 Jul 2014 10:59
Don't need glasses but everything else is a tick
Lauren Parker
13 Aug 2014 11:04
haha brilliant, can't beat a moleskine notebook, I have a variety!
omur faruk
03 Nov 2014 11:43
I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information?
Salim Ahmed
27 Nov 2015 21:05
Wow great list. I must be needed Thick rimmed glasses and Caffeine. Thanks
Rual Raise
17 Aug 2016 12:32
Great post and wonderful essentials factor describing here . I have learn lot's and recommend for any graphic designer for read this content.
29 Aug 2016 06:34
Hahaha.....Brilliant. Can't compromise with apple.
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11 May 2017 17:38
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Sthephane kudlick
31 Jan 2018 06:58
haha! I have most of these but in the 'budget' real-designer way. Cheap version of Moleskine, my own 'take away' coffee mug for coffee from home on the go, and...oh... yes, gotta be Apple! No compromising there.
15 Feb 2018 17:23
fantastic tips , we would like some more .
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25 Feb 2018 05:03
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