5 Christmas card design ideas that’ll make you ditch tradition

Take the minimalist approach

You don’t have to spend hours painstakingly re-creating the first Christmas to make a big impact with your cards. The trend towards bold, simple design is just as popular at Christmas; we love taking a simple pattern and applying it to a festive object. How about a red and white colour palette on a minimalistic Christmas tree design?

Say it with pictures

If you’re up for having a bit of fun with your Christmas card designs, how about creating a ‘guess the Christmas carol’ theme, just using images? Arrange a few simple images on the front of the card to make the name of a favourite Christmas carol, then pop the answer on the inside. It’s clever, funny and just a little bit different.

Crack a joke

Cracker jokes: love them or hate them, they’re just as much a part of Christmas as the turkey or the tree. Embrace the cheesy awfulness of these jokes and run with the idea by putting the question on the front and the answer on the inside. Here are a few of our guilty favourites:

Q: How did Scrooge win the football game?

A: The ghost of Christmas passed!

Q: Why did the turkey join the band?

A: Because it had the drumsticks!

Q: How does Good King Wenceslas like his pizzas?
A: Deep pan, crisp and even!

Christmas traditions

One of the best things about Christmas is having a set of family traditions that make the time of year more personal. You can use this to create Christmas card designs that really mean something by bringing them to life with a skilful bit of typography. We’ve come up with a few family favourites to start you off:

  • “The sooner you go to bed, the sooner Santa will come!”
  • “TV guide at the ready.”

Fun with food

Christmas is a time for feasting, fun and family, so with that in mind, why not create your designs with food? Something easy and effective, like using piped icing to create a typographical message, and holly or sweets dotted about for decoration will really help to bring to mind the lavish over-indulgence that we all associate with Christmas day.

If you feel like sharing some of your alternative Christmas card design ideas, pop a comment in the box below and help inspire others. 


Emma Meehan
04 Nov 2014 15:55
Great ideas! Just getting my Christmas cards all ready :)
Geoff Shaw
05 Nov 2014 21:20
Very inspiring, also doing final preparations to my card designs based upon "retro" photographs.
Abi Bousfield
06 Nov 2014 10:08
We would love to see your finished Christmas card designs. Do tweet us a picture @printedcom using the #ShowItOff hashtag.
07 Nov 2014 17:54
I've tweeted a couple of mine :)
Vicky Day
08 Nov 2014 18:08
Just reordering more Christmas cards after selling out already! :-)
11 Nov 2014 20:52
Hmmm - I like the idea of a modern take on the Christian theme...modern star/simple stable. Definitely not sure about the TV Guide one ;-)
Su Mwamba
16 Nov 2014 08:56
Yes, sometimes less really is more. A bit of white space can really let your ideas 'breathe'...
Alex Wilkie
27 Nov 2014 10:40
you cant go wrong with the personal and individual touch.
Daisy Gilmour
10 Dec 2014 11:48
ran out of time this year,but making my own christmas cards is already on the list for next year!

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