4 ways to capture the perfect wedding shot

It's coming up to wedding season and with weddings comes one sure fact; there will be photographs. We’ve previously talked about the merits of using photographs in wedding stationery printing such as wedding invitations or save the dates, and today we are going to delve into the high pressure world of wedding photography on the day itself.




People can plan for years about how their wedding will look and are very precious about preserving the memories. Which means that as a wedding photographer, be you a newbie or a veteran, you have to be super on the ball and ready to change your plans and take a snap at a moments notice. So we spoke to some of our wedding photographer friends to get these tips for getting the very best wonderful wedding photography.  




Weddings can be colourful, crazy events with pastels and deep pinks littered everywhere. They can also be classic cream affairs and this can be a hard setting to photograph, especially as the bride will (usually) be wearing white. So make sure your camera exposure is set correctly. This may involve numerous test shots but will be worth it when it comes to editing.


Pre-plan your shots

Discuss with the bride and groom what shots they want and scope out the day for moments that you think should be captured as well. This way you can make extra sure the couple are happy with final images caught on camera.




Get this right and an image needs very little attention in Photoshop. Consider all aspects of the shot, such as space, background, lighting and focus whilst imagining how you will edit it and voila! Picture perfection.



Candid camera
As much as beautiful wedding shots can be set up and tweaked with great consideration in composition, candid shots can provide jewels for any wedding photo album. Of course consider the people involved, the bride may look beautiful swigging out of the champagne bottle, but she may just not want photographic evidence.
Make sure to share your photography skills with us by #showitoff on our social channels. Why not browse our photography collection for options on how to print the fruits of your labour?

What other tips and advice can you offer when it comes to wedding photography, we’d love to know!


16 May 2015 19:59
I'm totally in awe of wedding photographers - there's so much to think about!
Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
19 May 2015 16:13
Portrait shots are lovely but you can't beat the natural behind the scenes photos! I love the idea of spotting moments you didn't even know were happening.
Stuart Glegg
25 May 2015 10:22
Could never be a wedding photographer but always good seeing how they do it!
Amy Nelson
27 May 2015 13:05
Nice tips especially "candid camera" one.
Jessica Rape
26 Dec 2015 15:39
Useful tips, thanks !
22 Apr 2016 12:45
Interesting tips :)
03 Nov 2016 15:17
great photos & advice - thanks
29 Mar 2017 12:26
very useful suggestions here - I really like these candid and natural style camera shots
Flourish and Luxe
22 Feb 2018 11:42
Excellent advice!

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