Four reasons why you should learn to love change

Ask most people, and they’ll tell you they hate change. They like the comfort of their familiar routines and aren’t likely to agree to change anything any time soon. Although the team here at can agree with that (we won’t touch the other brand of tea bags…), we also know that a good company is one that’s always evolving.

With that in mind, we got together and had a good hard think about what we’ve tweaked and changed on the site over the last few months and how it benefits you. When you’ve finished reading, we think you’ll agree; change isn’t always a bad thing!


Pleasing partnerships

We schmooze so you don’t have to! In the last six months, we’ve teamed up with Wedding Ideas magazine to bring photographers and wedding stationers 25% off their advertising costs. We also got together with Etsy to offer our small businesses and creatives the opportunity to set up a store and list up to 20 items for free!

As if that wasn’t enough, M&S, iStock and joined our Reward Programme so you’d have even more choice when redeeming your points for rewards and treats. Now that’s a lot of schmoozing!


Sprucing up the site

Keeping the site fresh and updated is important, so we scour the Ideas Board for inspiration on how you think we could make it better. After taking a good long look at what you wanted, we went away and made some of them happen.

You’ll notice that some of our products use a new ordering system with fewer steps and more help icons. To top it off, you can now upload bigger files using the new uploader—things just got a whole lot easier. After you’ve made your faster, easier order and uploaded your bigger file, you’re going to want an even better set of delivery options, right? We’ve got you covered with weekend, evening and better international delivery options. Sorted!


Getting social

There’s nothing we like better than a good long natter with you fine folk via Twitter, Facebook or Google+. To help grease the wheels of conversation, we launched the #showitoff hashtag so you could show us your box-fresh print, we liked them so much that we started handing out prizes for our favourite design of the week!

After the launch of the Wedding Collection, an uncontrollable, matrimonial fever took over the social sites. To help you get your weekly wedding fix, Wedding Wednesday was launched—a new wedding-related blog post every week from an industry guest writer. Turns out there’s only so much wedding design talk you guys can take before you want to get your hands dirty, too. Enter The Wonderful Wedding Design-Off; the wedding design competition that invited you to create your own unique stationery suite for a chance to win an Apple iMac.


Just for you

It’s not all about websites and social networking—sometimes we like to do things just ‘coz. The Refer a friend programme was launched earlier this year with an aim for you to gain more printed points while simultaneously showing off how many friends you have. Turns out you have a lot!

When you refer your friends to, you earn a whopping 2,000 printed points when they join and place an order of £35 or more with us, then an additional 200 points for every order they make for a whole year afterwards. We don’t know how good your maths is…but that many points can buy a lot of cake from M&S.

If you ever find yourself wondering what’s new on the site, pay a visit to our What’s new page and browse through the site features, papers and products to see what it is we’ve done for you lately.  


David Brookes
17 Jun 2014 22:54
I like change :-)
18 Jun 2014 10:33
Great changes! Love the refer a friend system, that's a pretty nice reward!
elise Sykes
18 Jun 2014 15:25
The rewards are very rewarding, especially on the higher pink tier, I have seen saving in my print, with out reducing quality, win!
Stephanie Jones
19 Jun 2014 12:06
Change is great, especially if it opens up more opportunities!
Alex Wilkie
11 Jul 2014 08:54
we should always be evolving

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