4 reasons to choose photography wedding stationery

The search for unique wedding stationery design inspiration can often be a long one, fraught with too many ideas or not enough of them. If you find yourself plagued by this very problem, then help is at hand!     


 Engagement photo shoots are a popular trend among newlyweds and aside from being a great way to show off that diamond, they give a lot of gorgeous shots that—among other things—can be used for wedding stationery.  We’re here to tell you why photography wedding stationery is the way to go and why it ticks all the boxes.  

Make it personal

Wedding stationery is a very personal thing, so ordering off-the-shelf designs won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  Adding photography taken at the engagement shoot is a fantastic way to personalise the stationery, but also guarantees that the recipient is going to keep that save the date card or invite as a memento.  


Can’t decide on a theme? No problem!
We’ve all been there: the back and forth, the squabbles and indecision. Let’s not break up a happy couple with the burden of design perfection, instead suggest using photo wedding stationery as an alternative. Everyone’s a winner! 


Give the bank balance a break

The best bit about wedding stationery printing is that it looks and feels a lot more expensive than it really is (especially if you get your printing done here with us). Admiring guests will be under the impression that a fortune was spent, when in reality, the stationery was delightfully affordable.



It’s easy
You don’t have to be a wedding photography printing whizz kid to be able to achieve a professional result—buying with sites like us here at is a piece of cake. You can whip up something show stopping in just minutes!

Have you used engagement photography in your stationery? Share it with us socially using hashtag #showitoff!


David Brookes
01 May 2015 10:33
We do a lot of invitations and thank you cards featuring photographs of couples :-)
04 May 2015 16:58
Photo stationery is a great way to share your engagement photography with your guests.
Stuart Glegg
08 May 2015 16:46
Just got a invite to a wedding that was like an encyclopedia. Wedding stationery is getting crazy!
Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
19 May 2015 16:19
I love adding photographs to stationery it makes it that little bit more personal. xox
12 Nov 2015 08:16
A great way to personalise :)
29 Mar 2017 12:09
a friend got married last year, designed their own invites with engagement photos and had them professionally printed, then personalised with decoupage - must have taken ages but they looked brilliant!

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