3 steps to the perfect catalogue


Brochures, booklets, portfolios, they go by many names and have many, many uses. We've been going bonkers for printing brochures here at, and have been having fun researching this fab print product. We've previously looked at a few options for brochure printing and today we’re going to focus on the almighty catalogue and how to make it work for you.


Products, products, products!

First, establish what you want to feature in your catalogue; is it seasonal clothing, spa treatments or products that will be on sale? Once you've decided, make sure you have a strategy for where they are going to feature in the catalogue, for example, you'll want to put the products you want to push the most near the front and those that are most tempting on the cover.


What's your plan, Stan? 

The catalogue has many uses for many businesses. Some of you may want to post yours to prospective customers in the local area, or you could consider making them available online via a contact form on a website. You could also leave your catalogues on the table in your waiting room.

The key to getting your catalogue just right is to know what task it is going to fulfil. That's not to say you can't use it for multiple purposes but you will need to establish a basic purpose so you can budget and design effectively. Different jobs will require differing information for the audience such as contact details, delivery information and notification if items are seasonal.

When you think about printing options, you'll need to make selections based on how you’re going to be distributing your catalogue and how you want the finished print to look and feel. Adding lamination and choosing from different paper stocks can affect how hard-wearing it is.


Eye for design
Now that you've confirmed what your catalogue’s for and what's in it, you can decide how it's going to look. Everyone wants to make sure that their design is eye catching but you will also want to keep it on brand. Remember to consider your business as well; if it's a catalogue for a garden centre you're not going to want to make you catalogue look like it’s from a financial firm.
If we've inspired you, why not browse our brochure options? When you are ready to get brochure printing, why not check out our video on how to set up your saddle-stitch brochure design for print for extra tips and tricks on making your brochures the best?


Stuart Glegg
08 May 2015 16:44
Would never think to do a wire bound brochure but looks quite cool
12 May 2015 18:50
There's such a lot of work involved in creating a brochure.
David Brookes
13 May 2015 17:15
I am dreading sorting out my brochures. I might give the wire bound a go.
Su Mwamba
19 May 2015 12:09
I can't really have a catalogue because most of my work is one-offs. I really (really) want one, though!
Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
20 May 2015 10:57
Great Tips! My product line changes a lot but I'd love to have somersetting physical to give clients who want something bespoke. xox
29 Mar 2017 12:50
good advice here, not that relevant for my current work but perhaps for the future it might be.
Flourish and Luxe
22 Feb 2018 11:50
I love designing a good catalogue, but it doesn't happen very often!

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