2015's brilliant bits: our pick of the year's must-see blogs, sites and creatives

So another action-packed 12 months have sailed by. But before we bid 2015 a final fond farewell, we felt the need to look back at some of the cool and creative stuff that's caught our collective eye this year (plus we only started our 'brilliant bits' feature in September, so there's a lot we didn't get to get you all excited about). So sit back and enjoy our pick of the previous 12 months. 

Hyperlapse by Instagram – iStore
Initially launched in 2014, this nifty little timelapse app from the Instagram peeps not only lets you quickly and easily create a timelapse video at a range of speeds, but thanks to some clever little improvements over 2015 it now also superboosts the stability of your smartphone camera. This means super-smooth filming (tripod free) from regular camera speed up to 12x.

Playable Snake fountains in London – Timeout
Taking interactive art to a splashy new level, this retro and fun fountain installation--known as the Granary Squirt--launched in March and gives visitors to London's Granary Square a great new way to interact with their environment. Those who head to the fountains between 4pm and 5pm can use a free app to control the movements of illuminated 'snakes' through the fountains, with up to 8 people able to play at one time. It's not quite the same as the classic Nokia game, but still a fab way to pass the time if you're waiting for friends or the next train from Kings Cross.

The London Underline – Gensler
Another cool design idea for the Capital got some well deserved plaudits and public attention back in Feb, when Gensler's London Underline proposal won Best Conceptual Project at the London Planning Awards. This wonderful idea would breath new life into miles of unused Underground tunnels by renovating them and transforming them into a cross-city network of pedestrian and cycle paths, complete with new cultural and retail spaces. And all the lighting etc. would be people powered thanks to smart paving that transforms kinetic energy from footfall into eco-friendly electricity. Genius!

london underline


Rise of the robots – BBC News
Creatives everywhere breathed a sigh of relief in September when the BBC announced that while robots would likely replace people in a wide variety of jobs over the next two decades, the creative industries would be blissfully unaffected. But if you want to double-check your long-term job prospects are safe from Skynet, their quiz 'Will a robot take your job?' is still up on the website. 

Giphy for Chrome – Chrome web store
You know how much we love a good gif - but finding just the right one to express your mood can be a tad time consuming. So why not let the web bring them to you? This extension for Chrome gives you access to a quick and easy to use gif search engine direct from your browser, meaning that the perfect graphic representation of your state of mind is only ever a few clicks away.

Aliens do Christmas – Design Boom
If there's anything that can beat Aliens made from paper, it's Aliens made from paper posed in Christmas scenes. These crazy creations based on the classic monster movie were hand-crafted by Amsterdam-based design studio papersmith and were a 'refreshing take' on festive fun.

Seen some cool stuff you're dying to share. Drop us a comment (and a link) in the box below and spread a little inspiration.


05 Feb 2017 10:06
the snake fountains were absolutely brilliant, i played it last year with their app

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