10 top tips for creating your Facebook Fan Page

Alongside more traditional marketing methods such as leaflets, flyers and posters, social networking sites like Facebook have become integral tools for promoting your business.

By utilising the Facebook Fan Page feature, you give your business greater opportunities for outreach as not only will your brand be visible to the Facebook community, the pages also take advantage of Facebook’s ranking so your business is likely to appear higher in Google searches.

However, there’s no point in a creating a Facebook Fan Page unless you use the features properly and really convert visitors into fans of yours. After seeing our own fanbase grow, we have compiled a list of our top 10 tricks to fully optimise your page and really get people talking.

1. Use a relevant profile image and cover photo
Since the Facebook pages also converted to the new Timeline format, cover photos have given you another opportunity to really grab the attention of potential fans and make your page memorable.
You can use the cover photo to show off your latest product or service, interact with your fans or even promote an event.

2. Use a custom URL
This one is just common sense really but it’s a change you can only make after your page has exceeded 25 likes so it’s easy to forget. You can choose your brand name or anything else memorable to make your page easy to find. Your URL will look like this:

3. Add the Facebook widgets to your site
Once you have set up your Facebook Fan Page, you need to tell people about it and some of the first people you should be interacting with are the customers you already have so promote your page in the place you know they’ll go. If you don’t have a website yet, you can put your Facebook URL on Business Cards, Loyalty Cards and leaflets that you can hand out in store or send out with your products.

4. Ask questions and start discussions
You have to stay active on Facebook and talk to your fans. One of the most effective ways to do this is by asking interesting questions and starting discussions people want to be involved in. As many people use Social Media on a customer service level too, on-going discussions on your Facebook page show that you care and are actively engaged with your customer on a regular basis, which gives the impression to new visitors that yours is a company you can trust.

5. Keep your content regular and of the highest quality
There is the on-going joke that the internet is mainly used for looking at pictures of cats (something we’re all guilty of!) but how is sharing every one you find going to help your business grow? Share your blog content or discuss key trends in your industry, content that is relevant to your business as it will already be of interest to your growing fanbase. Try to post at least once per day to keep the content fresh.

6. Use the ‘Pin to the Top’ feature
Exciting news such as new product launches, milestones and promotions can be pinned to the top of your Timeline so that it’s one of the first things visitors and fans see, which could potentially lead to higher levels of engagement. This is particularly useful if you are holding competitions.

7. Everyone loves free stuff
Don’t just give things away for the sake of it, though. Use promotions and giveaways to celebrate a milestone in your business or simply to say ‘thanks’ to your customers. To increase the reach of your offer, you can also set up promoted posts easily on your Timeline. Unique promotions for your fans will increase the likelihood of fans sharing the promotion with their friends.

8. Use custom tabs and thumbnails
You can now incorporate practically everything on to your Facebook Fan Page from linking your YouTube channel to your profile to syncing your latest Trustpilot reviews. There are dozens of apps and tabs available to pin to the top of your profile and most of them you can customise with your own images to keep your page on brand. This is particularly useful as it can introduce potential fans to more that your business has to offer. LINK (can you find a link that talks more about it, or recommends the best/most popular custom tabs?)

9. Syndicate your RSS feed
One of the most exciting features is that you can link your blog to your Facebook page via RSS feed. This creates an opportunity for your content to be seen and shared with a wider audience and also means that your fans can easily be updated with the key trends you cover in your industry and also developments in your business.

10. No one likes a spammer
It’s true and we can guarantee that you have either blocked or deleted one or two before. Posting too much and filling your fans’ newsfeeds with content that isn’t useful or relevant to them will start to annoy them and increases your chances of being ‘Unliked’ or even reported for spam.

If you get these nailed, the engagement should come easily enough but if you can think of any more tips that can be useful in optimising Facebook Fan Pages, let us know in the comments below. 


01 Dec 2015 09:29
Loads of great tips here, thanks for sharing :)

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