10 stationery offences you just can’t tolerate

People don’t love stationery like you do—it’s okay, you’ve come to terms with it. Unfortunately, that acknowledgement doesn’t seem to help when the sheer ignorance of “non-stationery-appreciaters” affects your private stationery supplies and your mental well-being along with it. Here are 10 of the most jaw-dropping stationery-related offences we can think of.

1. Someone borrows one of your coloured pencils and then puts it back (blunt and unsharpened) in the wrong place.

2. The suggestion that a tablet is far better than a notebook. These people are not only being offensive, they’re living in a dreamland.

3. Your highlighters are returned with dry, crispy nibs because a “non-stationery-appreciater” didn’t replace the caps properly.

4. When a colleague jots notes or scribbles illustrations on your carefully laid out notebook page to help explain a point they’re trying to make. It had your neatest, most tidy handwriting on it and now the whole page is ruined.

5. “Can I grab an envelope? Any one will do.” No. No it won’t.

6. The suggestion that you actually use one of your decorative pencil erasers.

7. Witnessing the unclean ripping out of a notebook page—now you have a tatty notebook and a tatty piece of paper. Who does that?!

8. An audacious request to borrow your fountain pen. Isn’t it common knowledge that a change in pressure on the nib could destroy life as you know it?

9. The notion that it’s perfectly acceptable to causally flip through your day planner during a friendly desk-chat. The day planner is not for touching.

10. When you get absolutely no sympathy for the devastating loss of your favourite pen.

If you’ve suffered any of these stationery-related injustices or have one of your own to add, pop a comment in the box below or on our Facebook post. We’re all here for you. And the best comment will win a 3-month subscription to Papergang by Ohh Deer - a monthly box filled with brilliant stationery and paper products. We’ll contact the winner by 29/9/16 so get commenting with your tragic tales!


Nancy Poller
02 Sep 2016 12:14
Someone writing in my notebook REALLY HARD so that several pages are now embossed with their, frankly messy, handwriting. No.
02 Sep 2016 15:32
some of these certainly hit a nerve with me lol, but the worst offence has to be when you lend someone a pencil and it's returned with bite marks at the end when they've inadvertently popped in their mouth and chewed!!!
Emily oldham
06 Sep 2016 20:40
At school me and my friend Louise took great pride in our Forever Friends tin pencil case. Each day we'd carefully rearrange our pens, pencils and rulers, and use the inside of the tin to display stickers of our fave pop stars/soap stars from smash hits magazine (it was the mid 90s). Anyway one day in geography a boy we sat with found that he had a lower GCSE course work mark than me and took out all my pencils and snapped them..all.....I almost cried! Was a very bad stationery day!!! 20 years on I'm sad to say I don't own a forever friend pencil case but still love my stationery!
Sarah Green
08 Sep 2016 19:46
These made me so annoyed lol...someone in my office keeps borrowing my funky fineliners while I'm not there and they never return them and act like they have no idea where they have gone-there's only two of us in the office and ones me!!! My 24 set is now down to 10 and they have damaged the tips on two of them :(
15 Sep 2016 14:40
The worst is when people spell it stationary!
15 Sep 2016 18:39
When you've got a fancy box of fine liners or felt tipped pens and, having taken several out at once, the person who borrowed them puts them back IN THE WRONG PLACES. Since when does brown go between orange and pink?!
04 Mar 2017 11:26
ha ha! and I have to agree with Hannah about about incorrect spelling!

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