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  I want to send the design direct to my client; do you still offer plain packaging?

Most of our print is delivered in plain packing. So if you want to create something for a client using your artwork, go right ahead! They’ll never know where they came from.

If you decide to order business cards, labels or stickers using one of our designs, we’ll always send it out in our new, stylish, branded packaging.

  Who do you use to ship?

Our courier is City Link and our postal option is Royal Mail

  What packaging do you use?

If you choose to use your own artwork for the job, we’ll send it out for you in unbranded packaging, so it can go direct to your client with no indication that the job has been outsourced! If you have ordered  business cards, labels or stickers and used our designs, your order will be dispatched in our own branded packaging.

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