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Increase the size of your business in a few easy steps

Using MailShot Manager is easy. First you need to create your own mailshot; which is in the form of a postcard. Then simply choose whether you want to target businesses or individuals. Then upload your mailshot and we take care of all the rest.

  • Design your postcard
  • Choose your target audience
  • Upload and send
  • We mail and watch your business grow

Direct mail is a great way to increase the size of your business by attracting new customers and MailShot Manager is designed to help you target precisely who you want.

If you want to print and send your own postcards without help from our MailShot Manager, please visit our postcard page for more information.

Why choose business data - B2B

Create a business mailing list if you want to put your message in front of businesses; whether they are estate agents, hotels, restaurants or hairdressers. Finely tune your list to include only those companies in the market for your product or service, by defining the following:

  • The location of the companies you want to target by postcode, town or city
  • Choose their line of business (2,500 choices)
  • Choose their size by estimated turnover
  • Number of employees

Example: You want to sell your product or services to estate agents in London, with more than 10 employees and a turnover of more than £2 million. MailShot Manager will allow you to target exactly to this audience.

Why choose individuals - B2C

If you go for an individuals list, you'll reach people in their homes. This type of target list is ideal for small businesses like restaurants, photographers and plumbers that want to attract people that perhaps live nearby. Finely tune your list to include only those people in the market for your product or service, by defining the following:

  • The area where they live by postcode, town or city
  • Gender, age, and family status
  • Occupation and annual income
  • How much their home is worth or if they rent

Example: You could reach professional married men over 30 with children, who live in London, and own homes worth over £1million.

Mailing information

Your mailshot should be designed to engage the reader; in most cases it will be to call your business or visit your website. Below is some more information on how it will look and how the mailing process works:

  • The finished product will be an A5 (210mm x 148mm) postcard
  • It will be printed on both sides and on a strong, thick 300gsm silk paper
  • It will be gloss laminated on both sides in order to protect the vibrancy of your colours and brand
  • You should expect your mailshot to arrive within seven days of submitting your order

Mailshots are a great way to grow your business - we should know, we use them all the time!

  • Start by selecting business mailing lists

    Tap into our BusinessBase database of over 3.6 million decision-makers.

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  • Start with selecting individual mailing lists

    Identify and target new customers within our individual list of over 45 million people.

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Postcard direct mailing

Save time, money and effort on your direct mail with our powerful new tool, the Mailshot Manager. You know we print great-looking postcards, flyers and other promotional materials. Now we can also post them out to a highly targeted list, designed in minutes by you. With Mailshot Manager you can quickly select all the data you want from our online database of people and businesses - made up of over 40 million potential new customers.

We've designed Mailshot Manager so that it's easy for you to build a fully customised list for your mailshot. You set the criteria for your ideal customer by specifying fields such as where they live, what they earn, their lifestyle and age. If you want to target businesses, then you can select your audience based on their office location, business turnover, number of employees and type of business.

Mailshot Manager is a really cost-effective way to reach your target audience. We pass on the bulk discounts we get on data and postage, which are much bigger than you could get on your own. If you are on a budget, simply type in how much you want to spend, and Mailshot Manager will tell you how many records you can get, and how much it will cost to mail them.

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Top tips on creating a winning MailShot

It's your business, we're your print partner, and now we can provide all the data you need for your mailshots, and post them out as well!

But before you start, there are a few points to consider to ensure you get the best return on your marketing spend.

Draw up a budget

Work out your own break-even response rate. This will vary depending on the product, so don't get fixated on ideas about standard minimum conversion rates for successful campaigns. Direct mail campaigns for high value items can be successful at very low conversion rates, whereas lower value items will require a higher conversion rates.

Run a test

Run an initial small-scale test before sending out to a large mailing list. If you send out 1,000 letters and get 10 sales, you can predict that for a mailer of 10,000 you'll get around 100 sales. If this is below your break-even point, you'll need to adjust your list or your material.

Target accurately

Send out a special offer every month and test the response. You may be able to increase the profitability of each customer, lowering the required break even response rate for mailshots targeting potential new customers.

Add testimonials

Gather positive quotes from satisfied customers and include these in your mailer. This will help undecided prospects to feel more secure if they are thinking of buying or signing up.

Call to action

Direct mail campaigns are the perfect medium for strong, targeted calls to action. Make sure it is easy to read, with a clear worthwhile benefit. You can include time-sensitive discount coupons, prizes or details of social media activities to engage with.

Follow up with a call

Follow up your business-to-business mailing with a phone call. This can increase the response rate by up to 1,000%.

And, repeat!

If you have a very successful mailing, try repeating it to those who didn't reply. You can expect a response rate of around 50% of the original.

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